Uncle Milton Toys

Earth Tag and Expedition Sky Flare at Night

August 8, 2012
As soon as Lane got word of the Expedition Sky Flare at Night, he was all for it! Of course, we had to wait a little bit until it got darker out. This child is a sucker for anything that lights up so he strapped on his headlamp and we headed outside to send signals in the night. Since it wasn't quite dark enough, we opted for a little game of Earth Tag while waiting. Since the recommended age for this toy was 8 and up, I was nervous he would have trouble maneuvering it. It didn't take long and he got it down. He would point and fire and then we would run over to see what he "tagged." Each time carefully placing each piece of nature in his observation cup. Soon, we made a list of things to tag and then he would point and aim tagging each item on the list. 

Eventually it was dark enough to test out the Expedition Sky Flare at Night toy. This was more of a toy for Daddy and Lane to enjoy as it was a tad bit hard for my 4 year old to maneuver (recommended age is 6 and up), but he didn't mind sitting back and watching the red flare soar up into the night sky. In fact, it never got old and eventually we had to call it quits because it was after bedtime!

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Uncle Milton sent me these toys for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was given.